Welcome to the Alarm Systems Guide, your source for reviewing all home alarm systems. We are constantly searching the web to find different companies that can install a home security alarm system for your home, or for different home security products that you can install yourself.

The actual protection of your house is very essential and it should not be ignored. The actual data states that a lot of people who are spoil in stealing and house invasion in order to create some fast cash.

To safeguard your house through this kind of people, home alarm systems perform an extremely significant part.

At present home security alarm techniques are extremely smart as well as completely effective. They are offering you the actual independence in the event such unwanted occasions.

How a Home Alarm System Works

Home alarm systems are mainly two types. One of them is monitored and the other is unmonitored. The monitored alarm systems are installed by the extremely skilled security personnel. These alarm systems are expensive as they acquire recurring monthly expenses. For the people who are not able of invest such large amounts as the security head the dialer alarm are the most excellent option. These are called unmonitored systems and they have a few permanent dialing numbers already fed in them.

These numbers can be proprietor’s mobile numbers, police station or fire station etc. In case of any undesired occasion, a call sent to these numbers. An alarm bell is also included with this alarm system which is rung in the case of some such actions. It creates your alert of such actions and also assists in identifying the accurate place where the occurrence is taking place. In this way the home alarm systems make sure the safety of your homes.

Why Consider a Home Security or Alarm System?

home-securityBecause of these amazing functionalities and their better presentation, these alarm systems are currently becoming extremely popular. Security systems are extremely important not only to keep your home, business, and belongings secure, but to give you peace of mind. The best way to protect your house, office, and precious belongings is with a home security system and security monitoring.

From research we know that you are far less likely to be a sufferer of a robbery if you have a home security system set up. Alarm techniques can comprise protecting all exterior gates and possible window access points to your home or office. You can add the protection of interior movement receptors or glass break receptors.

Utilizing digital receptors, the home protection program informs you of any illegal admission to your property or illegal movement in the home or office with sirens as well as flashing lights. At the same time, an electric indicator is transmitted directly to the Central Tracking Station and the needed authorities are instantly sent.

Houses and companies “under construction” should be set up with wired (hardwired) home protection techniques. Proprietors of existing assets may wish to consider wi-fi protection or a hybrid program (hardwired and wi-fi technology combined.)

In the world market many types of security systems are seen. Most of them are very effective for your homes, commercial institutions and offices. The major security systems are Alarm system, ADT, LifeShield, AlarmRelay, Vivint, SimpliSafe, Pinnacle, FrontPoint, Monitronics, Brinks etc.

Top Home Security Systems



  • 24-hour monitoring services
  • Carbon monoxide alerts
  • Home invasion alerts
  • Camera and movie monitoring
Price dependent on package
Traditional Security model starts at $28.99/mo
+View Plans

Alarm Force

  • Movement devices for window and door sensors
  • Video relays for the entry
  • Camera systems
Monitoring services start at $25/mo with $0 down +View Plans

Frontpoint Security

  • Cellular installation for simple and easy setup
  • Home monitoring services
  • Economical self-installation
  • High customer service rating
  • Video monitoring
Protection plan starts at $34.99 /mo +View Plans

Honeywell Security

  • Dozens of different alarm solutions
  • Historically commercial or business oriented rather than residential
  • Have residential solutions
N/A +View Plans

LifeSHIELD Security

  • Known for affordable security systems
  • Owned and integrated with ATT and Directv
Fees dependent on bundling services with Directv +View Plans

LiveWatch Security

  • No long term contracts (month to month, cancel anytime)
  • SmartPhone integration
  • Fastest alarm-reporting system
Monitoring services start at $29.95/mo +View Plans

Monitronics Security

  • Home Security, Medical & Fire Monitoring
  • Arm and Disarm your alarm remotely
  • Live and Secure video and imagery
  • Intercoms along with two-way cable connections
Basic Security plan starts at $34.95/mo +View Plans

Protect America Security

  • Alarm Systems, Home Automation, Life Safety, and Automobile alarms
  • All equipment has a lifetime guarantee
  • Protects and monitors against floods, fires and theft
  • Home automation services allow for remote ability to arm and disarm alarms.
  • No installation fees
Starts at $19.99/mo +View Plans

Protection 1 Security Solutions

  • Security alarm safety with for commercial, home, as well as multi-family homes
  • Main focus actually depends upon cellular options
  • Set up techniques which make use of mobile systems and never conventional telephone outlines
Secure Package starts at $34.99/mo +View Plans

Vivint Security

  • Plug-and-play installation
  • Includes smart security and controls, all compatible with your smartphone
  • Wireless technology
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Motion detection
Smart Protect Plan starts at $53.99/mo +View Plans

Benefits of a Security System

  1. Decrease Your Power Bill: A home security system can indeed assist to save energy reducing your electric bill. For example, by using receptors set up throughout your house, your house protection program can identify whether or not somebody is at home and preserve power by turning lights off when the house is empty.
  2. Save Money on Home Insurance: The safer you and your house are, the reasonable your property insurance policy will be. Actuality, an Insurance company notes that you can repeatedly get discounts of at least 5 % if your home is prepared with a smoke sensor or home security system. However, a company could minor your premium by 15 or 20 % if you set up a complicated program that brings collectively the two. This insurance company rings at the police, fire, or other monitoring stations.
  3. Monitor Children’s Location and Actions: If you’re anxious about the protection of your children and what they’re up to when you’re not home, you don’t have to fear much more time. Systems can be designed to send a text or email with a video connection to parents/caregivers when children arrive home.
  4. Lock/Unlock Doors via Smart phone or Tablet: You’re half way to work and then it strikes you: You’re not certain if you locked the entrance. If you make out this absent-minded feeling fine, then you’re in destiny. There are many protection techniques that permit you to secure and open up your entrance slightly, using a Smartphone or Tablet.
  5. Allow Mature People to Maintain their Independence: A number of senior citizens wish to live on their own and if that’s the case for a loved one in your family, you’ll be glad to know that certain home protection techniques can assist to ensure their protection. This will also help you to be alert of any suspicious activity.

Eventually if you want to live trouble free or work in your office safely, security system is a must. What type of security system you will connect at your home as well as office, It completely depends on your choice and money.

Different Types of Alarm Systems:

Many kinds of security alarm systems are found in the market. They are as follows:

1. Burglar Alarm Systems

Burglar alarm techniques tend to be individuals security alarm techniques that features regarding robbery or even home invasion. These types of security alarm techniques tend to be extremely well-liked within houses as well as workplaces. They’re extremely effective and safeguard your own valuable prosperity completely.

2. Smoke / Carbon Monoxide / Medical Alert Alarms

We know that fire causes a vast number of lives and devastation of huge assets every year. Therefore, it is very essential and significant to save your residence or office from such a dangerous thing which is called fire. Smoke cigarettes sensors tend to be individuals home security system which functions in the case of fire. They are extremely helpful and essential in the offices where the people walk in is very high. They are extremely useful in saving assets and the lives. Additionally, Carbon Monoxide can be deadly in high and consistent doses. Likewise, senior citizens and their families can feel more comfortable with a medical alert alarm.

3. CCTV: Closed-Circuit Television

CCTV can be used everywhere. Such as: workplaces, stores, houses as well as colleges. It is a protection program instead of a good home security system. Sometimes a wireless digital camera will keep near view inside an idea as well as shows the actual occasions on the screen. In this manner, we are able to identify the individual carrying out any kind of incorrect exercise even if he or she runs away.